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CCLA owns, develops and operates mixed-use real estate in Latin America with a multifamily (for-rent) focus

CCLA relies upon CIM’s North American opportunistic investment, development, and operational expertise and Compass’ long-term asset management track record, strong local footprint and market expertise in Latin America, to oversee the development, design, construction of projects as well as marketing and management of operating residential buildings.

Independent Investment Advisor in Latin America.

  • 25 years of experience investing in Latin America through a differentiated approach
  • 9 offices across the United States and Latin America
  • Over US$41 Billion in assets under management1

Owner, Operator, Lender and Developer of Real Assets.

  • 25 years working to enhance communities and create value for their stakeholders
  • 9 offices across the United States and overseas
  • Over US$29.3 Billion in assets owned and operated2

[1] As of December 31, 2020
[2] As of September 30, 2020
[3] All data provided by Compass Group & CIM Group

  • Back in 2016, CCLA was established through a Joint Venture between CIM Group and Compass Group.

    The objective was to provide investment opportunities in the region for our investors as well as build comfortable places to live, work and relax for the communities, deliver jobs and sustainable infrastructure focused mainly in the multifamily segment.

  • In CCLA we replicate the successful investment strategy of identifying and focusing on submarkets in which an unattended segment exists.

    However, what makes this strategy successful is the full understanding of the local markets and the asset class in each region.

  • Based on the opportunities that the current conditions of multifamily real estate had, CCLA has been able to position itself as one of the leaders in Mexico.

    In the following years we tend to position as a leader of the multifamily segment in Colombia, Chile, and Peru.

Our History

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CCLA operates in the main markets in Latin America

CCLA is currently developing and operating properties in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru with the objective of positioning as the leader in the multifamily real estate segment of Latin America